It never would have occurred to me to avoid grains one year ago.  I saw them as the cornerstone of a healthy diet – whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread, stone-ground flour tortillas, and the like.  However, when I read Nourishing Traditions, I discovered that grains are actually quite difficult to digest.  Fallon suggested soaking grains so that the phytic acid exterior would be broken down for easier assimilation of the nutrients within.

Although I noted this, I was still unconvinced and continued to buy assorted bread products for my family.  In the spring I read more information about grains that caused me to shift my views further.  I discovered that they were known to cause inflammation and irritation.  I discovered that there was a connection between auto-immune diseases and grains.  I read that seasonal allergies can be brought on by the over-consumption of grains.

Grains are also carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates can confuse your insulin production.  Insulin production is a tricky thing and there is a whole host of data linking insulin resistance (or the improper production/use of insulin) to all sorts of metabolic disorders like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.  I was stuck on the fact that I thought they were nutritional powerhouses though.  I mean, they are the foundation of our food pyramid, right?!

It turns out that grains don’t provide ANYTHING nutritionally that we can’t get from other healthy sources.  They are in essence a filler-food (and for some people, that filler-food is really hurting their bodies!)   So, that did it for me.  I am grain-free.

Now, can someone please tell me what to put the meats, curries, sauces, toppings, etc. on so that I can eat them?