(Here is another post in my cholesterol series. I have discussed how I feel that saturated fats in the diet do not lead to raised blood cholesterol levels here. I have also written about how high blood cholesterol levels do not correlate with an increased risk of a heart attack here.  However, these are just my opinions.  I am not doctor.  Please always decide what is right for your health through careful research and thought.)

Today I want to discuss the serious health risk that statins pose to you.  I took statins for a few years in my early twenties.  Since I have familial hypercholesterolemia I was prescribed them once I was an adult because it was not en vogue to give them to children who were still growing.  Thank God for that!  If I had known how many health problems statins CAUSE I would have hesitated to take them for even that short period.

Also, it is virtual medical malpractice that I was not cautioned more about the risks of taking statins while pregnant.  I did some research when my husband and I decided to try to have our first child.  A cursory look through some medical journals on the internet showed me that statin use could create some horrible side effects in a developing fetus.  So, I immediately stopped taking them.  Never mind that there is no link between statin use and a decreased mortality rate in women. No link.  I could have made my baby so sick by taking a drug that had absolutely no health value for me.

Since I know many people on statins, I thought it best to make a brief list of the side effects connected with these drugs.  Please think about these risks before you continue on with your prescription.

1.  Cancer – taking a statin increases your chance of developing a variety of cancers.

2.  Polyneuropathy – diseases related to having trouble using one’s limbs, loss of sensation, difficulty swallowing, difficulty walking, facial weakness, etc.

3.  Muscle damage – ranging from muscle aches to muscle weakness.

4.  Liver damage – Anyone on a statin knows that they must have blood work done to show if there is potential liver failure from their statin use.

5.  Loss of memory – And you thought it was old age?!  Maybe it was the statin you were prescribed as you aged!!

6.  Depression – Taking the cholesterol out of your system leads to a host of hormonal shifts that may leave you feeling “down in the dumps” for no clear reason.

7.  Heart failure – Can you believe it?!  A drug to prevent heart disease that causes heart failure?!  The relationship might be linked to the fact that statins block the production of Q10 (and low Q10 levels lead to heart failure).

8.  Severe birth defects – like a missing brain or limb.  Significant birth defects.

Wow, what a horrible list!  And, these are only the more common side effects.  There are others.  So, again I encourage you, please do research to find out if you really should be on statin drugs.  If you don’t have a history of heart disease, chances are very good that you DO NOT need to be taking satins. These drugs are potent on a cellular level.  Don’t let your physician convince you otherwise.  Make an informed decision.

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