After having read a bit on Vitamin D, I am convinced that the public is being led astray.  The importance of adequate sun exposure and subsequent healthy levels of Vitamin D are dismissed.  We are led to believe that we are in GRAVE DANGER of developing skin cancer, while many other forms of cancer that are connected to sub-optimal Vitamin D levels are quietly ignored. Take a look at a few facts and do your own risk analysis:

  • Prostate cancer –  In one year, 37,000 men in the U.S. will die from prostate cancer.  In the same year, only 600 will die of melanoma.
  • Breast cancer – 55 women will die prematurely from under exposure to the sun (inadequate Vitamin D) to 1 who will die from overexposure to the sun (skin cancer).  Fifty-five to one!
  • Colon cancer – If you are diagnosed with colon cancer, you are three times more likely to die if you have inadequate Vitamin D levels.

Skin cancer is a highly treatable form of cancer.  Even melanoma (which is actually NOT strongly correlated with sun overexposure) is easier to treat because it is visible as soon as it forms.  Breast, colon, and prostate cancers are hidden.  They often don’t show symptoms until the situation is advanced.  These are all cancers that you are statistically less likely to have if your Vitamin D levels are optimal.

So, here’s a question for us all:  Would we rather “risk” a spot of skin cancer that could easily be removed if sun exposure would support a healthy level of Vitamin D in our bodies? It might save us death from a serious form of cancer.  What are your thoughts?

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