Vitamin D… actually it is a hormone not a vitamin and it is used by EVERY cell in our bodies.  Vitamin D is so important. Hopefully, you are encouraged to get some sun exposure after reading my thoughts on that and cancer.  Here are a few other reasons to make sure you are getting your Vitamin D:

1.  Bone Health – Your bones are only able to absorb 1/3 to 1/2 of the calcium they need if you are Vitamin D deficient.  The two work in tandem.  So, if you are concerned about osteoporosis don’t forget about Vitamin D!

2.  Heart disease – Low Vitamin D levels are associated with atherosclerosis.  Protect your arteries – get some sun!

3.  Metabolic syndrome – Teens with low levels of Vitamin D are four times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than their peers who have optimal Vitamin D levels.

4.  Mysterious fibromyalgia? – Could it be mis-diagnosed osteomalacia (bone softening associated with significant pain)?  Many who have fibromyalgia are Vitamin D deficient.

5.  Multiple Sclerosis – You are five times more likely to develop M.S. if you live in North America or Europe than if you live in the tropics.  In fact, there is a strong link between many autoimmune disorders and inadequate Vitamin D levels.

6.  Moods Struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), PMS, or low-grade depression?  Get your Vitamin D level checked.  Personally, I have felt much more emotionally upbeat since I began daily Vitamin D supplementation.

What can I say?  All research indicates Vitamin D is essential.  Click here to take my test to determine if you might be deficient.

Up next – how to get some Vitamin D safely…

(photo credit: (Vitamin D info: The Vitamin D Solution, Holick)