(Click here for an article that I appreciate on the topic of Hashimoto’s and fertility.  It is clear and concise and does an excellent job revealing why the thyroid is so key in fertility/pregnancy.  I hope it is helpful.)

If you take a look into hypothyroidism research, you will quickly discover the strong connection between thyroid issues and fertility problems.  In fact, if you are struggling with infertility and have NOT had your thyroid levels thoroughly checked, please do so!  You may find that you are able to balance your hormones to such an extent that a pregnancy will happen for you.

Also, if you have had a baby and just can’t seem to get that spring back in your step, go ahead and get your thyroid tested.  It could be (now please don’t assume you have a thyroid problem just because you aren’t sleeping through the night yet…) that your pregnancy triggered thyroid problems for you.  Because of the flux of hormones, many women experience a change in their thyroid during or post-pregnancy.  I am starting to believe that this is what happened to me.

Here is the story of my sweet Simeon…  In the late winter of 2009, I conceived my third baby.  Thirteen weeks later, during the first week of May, I had a miscarriage.  For those of you who have experienced this, please know that I have FULL compassion for you.  Yes, it is common.  But, no, that does not make it easy.  It was a hard time.

Just two months later, while at the beach, I took another pregnancy test and it was positive.  Our extended family celebrated with us and prayed for us as we continued through a long trimester of ultrasounds and tests to confirm that the baby was growing and the pregnancy was “viable.”  (Not sure I like the word, “viable.”)  Thankfully, the baby grew and the months rolled along without event.

Over Christmas, six months pregnant, I wondered about the contractions that I was having.  They were strong and REAL.  They felt the same as birthing contractions for my other two children.    I JUST KNEW that I would have the baby early (and sometimes the momma does just know!)

Sure enough, early in the morning of February 27, 2010, my water broke.  Unlike the inductions that I had for my other two children, this birth was exciting and unpredictable.  I was in my thirty-sixth week.  Nonetheless, I wasn’t prepared for the fact that this baby might have complications because he was slightly premature.  He did.  He developed pneumonia within the first few hours, and underwent many procedures: C-PAP machines, IV fluids, feeding tubes, etc.  He was in the NICU for ten days.

(Poor guy!)

Our little “Simmers” came home with remarkably few complications.  He continued to have extreme reflux (often 30 plus times a day!) so his weight gain wasn’t exceptional.

(Home for a month…)

However, for the most part, he did great.  And, now, at fifteen months, he is a running, growling, bundle of life.

(Here he is on his first birthday with a grain-free, banana cupcake.  You can find the recipe at: http://family2table.blogspot.com/ Thanks, Chef Emily!)

I am so grateful.  I knew nothing about my thyroid during my pregnancies.  Yet, despite family history of thyroid problems, I have had three healthy children today.  Perhaps Simeon’s premature start was a thyroid complication.  Thankfully, even though I was unaware of this possibility, he is thriving today.  What a gift from God!