I have heard that some people find that when they eat a “cleaner” diet they don’t burn as often or as much.  Since I have been on a quest to get some Vitamin D (click here for my thoughts on this important hormone), I have tried to spend a bit of time outside each day that it is sunny.  My kids have also been outside for HOURS since it is not too hot this time of year.

Following the plan as prescribed by Dr. Hollick and Dr. Eades, I have watched all of us to make sure that we stay outside for less time than it would take to turn pink.  The funny thing?  No one is burning!  The kids play in their typical childlike way – in and out of trees, on bikes, in shaded forts, running races.  Their exposure is not constant, but even on a day where they play outside for five plus hours, they don’t burn.

Now, to be fair, we do happen to be a bit olive-toned around here.  I can’t speak to what would happen if we were the color of Elmer’s glue.  🙂

Has anyone else had the same experience with tanning instead of burning?  Please share your story!

(photo credit: http://www.thewebhouse.biz)