So, the food budget has struggled lately.  With four of us eating paleo style, I was having a hard time feeding everyone inexpensively.  Along with rising food prices, we were purchasing the types of foods that tend to be pricier (not pricier than processed foods, but pricier than certain filler foods like dried beans or rice).  Our food costs were up two to three hundred dollars a month.  See, I told you it was serious!!


Until I found my best tip for how to eat PALEO CHEAPLY: The Asian Market.

Take a look at the price comparison and see.  Maybe it would make a difference for your family too – especially if you eat lots of vegetables like we do!

(This produce is all conventional.  At this point in our budget I have to prioritize organic/pastured meat and butter over organic veggies and fruits…)

Item Normal Grocery Store Price Asian Grocery Store Price
carrots 99 cents/lb. 49 cents/lb.
kale 2.49/lb. 99 cents/lb.
zucchini 1.49/lb. 99 cents/lb.
cauliflower 2.99 each 99 cents each
broccoli 1.49/lb. 99 cents/lb.
eggplant 2.99/lb. 69 cents/lb. (sale)
Canned coconut milk 1.99 each 1.49 each
cilantro 1.99/bunch 99 cents/bunch
bananas 59 cents/lb. 59 cents/lb.
apples 99 cents/lb. 89 cents/lb.
Green beans 1.99/lb. 99 cents/lb.