Just a quick update now that allergy season is about over.  It looks like removing grains and dairy definitely helped my children with their allergy symptoms. No more constipation.  No more eczema rashes.  Very minimal sneezing and puffy eyes.  No more runny noses.  I am pleased.

We didn’t start this change all that early.  I think if we had done it for a while before spring we might have seen ALL the symptoms removed.  As it was, we started right as the season began so we still gave Zyrtec to our son for a few weeks.  Whereas before, Zyrtec didn’t seem to even take the edge off of his symptoms, this year he hardly had any symptoms!

It strengthens my conviction:  EATING PALEO-STYLE REALLY WORKS.  If you want to give it a try, or if you are interested in the GAPS diet, check out my post on how we mesh the two ideas here.

Happy Friday!

(photo: doctorcureme.com) (post is part of Primal Cave, Monday Mania, and Real Food Wednesday)