My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend.  So, tomorrow we head out for a seven hour car ride with our three kids.  As our eating habits have changed, it has become harder to find fast food that meets our guidelines and sits well in our tummies.  Recently I have given up on finding that perfect spot for a meal.  Instead, I pack portable paleo foods.  Here’s what I have ready for tomorrow:

1.  Good quality lunch meat.  In the past I have cut a rotissiere chicken ahead of time.  It is a bit greasy but cheaper than the lunch meat option.

2.  Quartered hard-boiled eggs + a mini salt shaker.  Eggs need salt!

3.  Nuts.

4.  Raisins.

5.  Pre-cut bell peppers and nectarines.

6.  Apples.

7.  Olives.  In fact, green olives help with motion sickness too.  See here.

9.  Roasted carrots.  Just cause the kiddos like them more than raw.  Again, a bit greasy.

10.  A roll of paper towels.  Assorted paper plates/bowls.

And… the Momma’s best friend: kitchen shears.  Bring some with you when you are trying to feed your baby finger foods.  They will change your dining experience for the better – forever! 🙂