My husband and I sat down to review our budget over the weekend.   I had noticed a downward trend in the money available in our bank account and we needed to have a chat.  It turns out that there were several culprits.  The biggest one, though?  Food!  Again!  As the one who stays home, I feel so responsible.  I may not make the money, but gosh darn-nit, I will not be the one that tosses our limited funds to the wind!  What is happening when I go to the grocery store?

Perhaps you feel similarly.  It is tough to feed a family on healthy, real foods.  I sat down this afternoon, and here was the comment from Yasmine in my inbox:

It seems everywhere we family people are struggling with our budget on paleo. I live in Egypt and I spend almost my entire income on food my my family of four. It’s almost impossible to find good food here, too. So all this money goes to the best I can find, but not the best we could eat. *head on desk*

I hear you, Yasmine!  It seems impossible!  But, I can’t give up.  Once you know the truth, it is hard to go back, right?

So, I am going to share tips to stretch your paleo dollars in the upcoming weeks.  I know that they aren’t one size fits all.  For example my best tip for eating paleo on the cheap, is probably not even an option for Yasmine in Egypt.  Hopefully there will be a tip or two that CAN work for you though.

Just remember, I am out there giving it my best shot.  A real mom with three kids who eat like horses.  Seriously.  They each eat more than I do in a day.  We live in an expensive suburb on the East coast.  I am the only one of my friends from church who is able to stay home with my kids.  Yes, money is tight.  But, I am not giving up yet.  Our health is on the line.  Let’s do it!

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