Don’t “paleofy” your former favorites.  Used to crave pizza?  Love ice cream?  Dream of brownies and cookies?  As long as you don’t have a strong medical reason to completely avoid those foods, eat them occasionally.  It can be part of your primal “80/20” rule.  Eat well most of the time and enjoy your splurges thoroughly.

Why?  Trying to change something grain-based into a veggie or nut alternative is inherently expensive.  For example, I made my son coconut flour banana cupcakes for his birthday.  Special order coconut flour from Amazon – check.  Crack TWELVE eggs from local farmer into the batter – check.  Blend organic heavy whipping cream and farm fresh butter for frosting – check.   Those cupcakes were over a dollar each!

And the same goes for primal pancakes, meatza pizza, nut pie crusts and the like.  Baked goods and fast food favorites are cheap.  Making them from scratch with alternative ingredients is not.  Do you agree?  Let me know if you have found this cheap paleo tip to be true in your own life by commenting below.

PS – Coconut flour and almond meal can really sit like a brick in your tummy, too.  I’m just saying…

(This post is part of Monday Mania)