Be flexible with your choices.  You did it once before, right?  You learned that breakfast did NOT equal cereal; you learned to love eggs and bacon.  Could you do it again?  Could you learn to have some cabbage ($.49/lb.) fried in bacon fat with your eggs for breakfast?  How about roasted carrots ($.99/lb.) as a snack?  Shredded zucchini ($.89/lb.) added to your curries?

If your family is willing to eat fruit and veggies at non-traditional times of the day and in non-traditional ways, you can save a bundle.  Instead of going with your standards, look for what is on sale that week.  My new rule?  Don’t buy it unless it is less than a dollar per pound. So far it is serving me well.  Our grocery bill is going down as I shop more seasonally and more creatively.

What about you?  Have you found a more flexible way to eat and save some money?