Use up your food!  In the past I would restock our produce more than once a week.  The kids’ go-to favorites like bananas and green beans were purchased whenever we ran out.  Unfortunately what ended up happening was that the less-desirable, often more time-consuming to prepare veggies like cabbage or whole carrots went uneaten and were eventually thrown out because they were rotten.

Now my system is a bit different.  I buy enough produce for our family for the week.  I do NOT go back to the store when we run out of favorites.  Instead, I take the opportunity to use the other fruits and veggies that I have purchased even if it means that we eat strange veggies at strange times (see my post on this here).

It keeps me creative.  All of us have lots of variety in our diet.  The trashcan doesn’t receive perfectly good produce that just wasn’t eaten in time.  Sounds good, right?!