That’s right, folks!  I spent an entire week at the beach and did not use or NEED sunscreen.  Although I am one who is quick to tan, I will burn if I spend a week constantly in the sun.  This time it was different though.

(Please excuse my “no-poo” hair.  Let’s just say that my experiment in eliminating chemicals from my personal hygiene did not leave my hair looking glamorous!)

Could it possibly have been our food choices?  I have no other explanation for why this week at the beach would be different from ones in the past.  Recently I shared my theory that eating primal/paleo might help you to tan and not burn.  Well, it seems to be holding true for my family.  We didn’t use sunscreen on my five-year old or my three-year old either and they didn’t burn (although they have great base tans from their consistent time outside this summer).

That being said, WE WERE CAUTIOUS ABOUT OUR SUN EXPOSURE.  We didn’t spend all day boating or splashing in the waves without remembering the sun’s rays.  When we began to feel our skin getting toasty we headed in or covered up.  I wanted to make sure that we all got lots of vitamin D but I still believe that burns are very dangerous.  All things in moderation, right? 🙂

(This post is part of Monday Mania)