Buy meat in bulk.  This tip is often cited in the paleo community so I won’t belabor the point.  It is much more cost-effective to buy grass-fed beef by the whole cow and have it butchered.

Recently, I did, and I shared the meat with three other families.  This meant that my organic, grass-fed beef was $4.30/lb. for everything from ground beef  to roasts and steaks.  In stores organic ground beef is $5/lb. so even that was a $.70/lb. savings. Roasts, steaks, and ribs were a much more significant savings.

I found our farm from  Yes, I did have to go to the butcher and pick up the meat.  No, they did not have a customer waiting area.  Yes, I did get a bit of bloody water on my toes.  Note to self:  do not wear flip-flops to pick up your cow from the slaughterhouse.  🙂

(Pics of our beef, pre-divvying.  My final portion was about 80 lbs.)