This isn’t my first “giving up coffee” post.  You see, I believe that consuming coffee can be destructive to your thyroid (see here).  I also believe that a steady diet of caffeine isn’t doing my body any favors. For example, did you know caffeine might be causing your lower back pain?!  You can see a full explanation here.  Despite this knowledge, time and again I find myself sucked in by coffee’s aromatic allure.

This is how coffee makes my morning feel – all sunshine!

I decided to take a good hard look at my coffee habit.  Why wasn’t I able to shake it?  Well, first, I realized that I have been having coffee every morning for over fifteen years.  That is a long time!  The only times I took a break were my three pregnancies.  I felt tired the whole nine months all three times.  🙂

Coffee is also my favorite food reward.  Meet for coffee and a chit chat?  Yes, please!  Can I bring you a frappuccino because it’s your birthday?  Absolutely!  How about a second cup since you are trying to home school your kiddos now?  For sure!  You get the idea…

More than chocolate or brownies, cookies or ice cream, I view coffee as my personal mood lifter.  So, when I heard AnnMarie at Cheeseslave talk about how she broke her coffee addiction with amino acid support, I decided I needed to pull out the big guns and give it a try.

At her advice, I consulted Julia Ross’s Mood Cure for the details.  Ross recommends the supplement DLPA to help restore endorphin levels if you are trying to quit drinking coffee.  So, I ordered myself some and have been trying it now for two days.

I promise to keep you posted on how it works and to keep it honest.  Today I have a headache and have cried twice.  Not a painless transition yet, but I’m gonna give it some time (I have read it doesn’t all change overnight).  😉