Hi, Friends!  Do you think I am being all rulesy if I go sugar-free through the end of the year?  There is a part of me that agrees with you.  I mean, isn’t it just the time for a bit of cheating?  The season of celebration?

(This will NOT be my beverage of choice this season.  Even if I wish it were!)

If only this were true for me.  I have a pretty good idea of the way things work around the holidays.  The first couple of days I stay strong.  Around day three I waver and have just one dessert.  After that, it’s a wash.  A haze of high-calorie, headache-inducing poor eating choices.  I resent myself for making the choices and I walk away five pounds heavier.

A couple of days ago I was reading an article on Mark’s Daily Apple about trigger foods.  Mark suggested that if there is a certain food that, once consumed, causes you to make a myriad of other poor food choices, perhaps you should avoid that gateway food.  Well, for me, that food is sugar.  Specifically desserts.  I start with dark chocolate and suddenly I am eating Bugles!  How does this happen?!

That is why I am so excited to be diligently sugar-free this season.  I would like to enjoy myself and not feel guilty about my bad choices.  It is worth a bit of denial to be at peace inside myself.

I have decided to keep you much more updated than normal on how it is going because I need that kind of accountability.  My plan is to post diary-style through the end of the year.  It’s gonna be great!  😉

Here are my rules:
  1. No sugar.  No desserts.  No chocolate.
  2. No stress if sugar is put into a fairly benign dish like homemade spinach salad with dressing by a relative and I am unaware.  I will just be doing my best to avoid the obvious.  Yes, sweet potatoes.  No, marshmallow topping.

PS – Care to join me?  Be sure to let me know if you are trying to avoid sugar too.  Don’t just keep it to yourself.  There is power in accountability!

(photo: culinary.net)