So far, so good folks.  Boy, I love knowing that someone is out there who will keep me to my word.  True story: you all know that I have tried to give up coffee this fall.  Well, still, despite all my best intentions, if you tell me that you are going to the Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and you would like to get me something, I will say absolutely yes.  Free coffee?  From a friend?  I swear, it must be my love language.  🙂

So, this is exactly what happened.  My friend offered.  I accepted with glee.  Fast forward twenty minutes to when I am meeting some other friends and their kids at the tennis courts for our version of home school recess.  Another friend sees my coffee cup.  “Wait a minute,” she says.  “I thought you stopped drinking coffee!”

You see, I had forgotten that I actually KNOW people who read my blog.  There is no flying under the radar!

Well, that is the way that I want it to be with this sugar-free holiday thing.  That’s what I call good accountability.   So, here’s what I have eaten today to get through my first day:

  • BREAKFAST:  two fried eggs with chipotle Tabasco sauce
  • LUNCH:  pork fried cauliflower rice, 1/4 pear and (yes, you heard me right…) a cup of black coffee
  • DINNER:  fish taco lettuce wraps with citrus dressing from Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals, cabbage fried in bacon fat ( A fave of mine.  Hubby claims it smells and tastes like dirty feet…), steamed broccoli with butter, 1 grain-free sweet potato muffin of loveliness (recipe found here)

Tomorrow is a road trip to New York.  We are planning a ridiculously long Thanksgiving holiday that starts then.  Yay.  To be honest though, it will all be a test.  Historically, I don’t make good food choices with family.  It is not their fault.  They are awesomely, primally supportive.  The problem is me.  🙂

Wish me luck.  I will be checking back…