Just checking in for a quick “no sug” update…  The other day, I wasn’t even thinking and I ate a few banana chips.  I didn’t think to look at the package to see how much added sugar they had (a lot!) until I had eaten a handful.  Sure enough, I have had TRUE INTENSE sugar cravings since then! And, there are mint chocolate-covered espresso beans in my house.  How much can a person really take?!

But, thanks to you all – I have stayed strong.  Accountability wins again!  So, just a FYI, for those of you who are trying to be sugar-free:  if you eat foods with hidden sugar, you will probably be plagued with more cravings.  Best to avoid this scenario, and pseudo health foods like banana chips.  Learn from my stupidity.  🙂

Bobbi, Dawn, and others who have committed to a sugar-free holiday season, how is it going for you?!  You are in my thoughts today – I wish you fabulous success.  Here’s to our best December ever!

(photo: brooklynimbecile.wordpress.com)