I promised to share some phenomenal recipes with you all during my sugar-free year.  Here is one entree from Mark’s Daily Apple.  It is true comfort food.  Mmmm…..

Sesame Chicken and “Rice” With Fiery Ginger and Chile Sauce

There are some ways to streamline this recipe:

  1. Cook and pre-shred your chicken ahead of time (I have always just cooked my chicken like I was making broth and not worried about the seasonings mentioned or the ice water bath.etc.).
  2. “Fry” the grated cauliflower in coconut oil with the lid on instead of slow-cooking it in broth.
  3. Make double the sauce and use on salads or Asian-inspired dishes all week.

You always have permission to pop by with a plate of this for me.  I am never too busy to try yours out and make sure that you’ve mastered the recipe… 🙂