So, you want to eat paleo, or sugar-free, or grain-free, or dairy-free but you have a birthday party coming up… Well, here are some recipes that have been tested by the Crunchy Pickle Crew and we have determined that they are delicious.  Not all recipes meet all the requirements of being sugar, dairy, and grain-free.  Pick one that works for your dietary needs.  Just click on the blog title and it will link you to their recipe.  Photo credits belong to each blog.  I am just borrowing their pics.  🙂

The Food Lover’s Primal PalateChocolate Almond Butter Ice Cream (made with coconut milk).  Creamy, smooth, delish.  I have yet to actually put almond butter in it.  The plain chocolate is incredible enough.

Elana’s Pantry: Cinnamon Bun Muffins.  We had these Christmas morning and they were great!  With her cream cheese frosting recipe, these would be a great “cupcake” for a child’s birthday.

An Hour in the KitchenAlmond Joy Knock-Offs.  These are decadent, satisfying treats.  You will never miss packaged “bite-sized” chocolates again!

Primal BalanceSweet Potato Muffins.  Filled with harvesty goodness, these muffins are great warmed up with a dollop of butter.  A sugar-free indulgence.

The Food Lovers’ Primal PalateBill’s Birthday Cake.  I used this recipe for Elianah’s fourth birthday (see post here).  Good stuff!

Elana’s PantryEasy Gluten-Free Black and White Cake.  So simple.  So fast.  So yummy.

As you can see, I am a bit partial to chocolate desserts.  Do you have a favorite paleoish dessert?  Be sure to comment below.  Happy Celebrating!  Crunchy