We are wrapping up our home study this week.  If you are thinking about adopting, be sure to click on my explanation of what a home study is here.  Towards the end of all the paperwork you actually have your HOME studied.  Ours was last Wednesday.

So, I did what any rational (?) person would do and spent three days cleaning.  I scrubbed tubs.  I dusted air vents and blinds.  I organized so that our townhouse would seem ultra-spacious (is that even possible in a townhouse!?)  for the new little one.  I was truly thankful that I didn’t reach a point where my list was so long and my kids were so needy that I yelled at them.  Then, I would have gone into the interview feeling like a total sham of a parent.  Not that I have ever experienced this emotion.  😉

With my back sore from all the cleaning, I welcomed Kim on Wednesday morning.  My kids were silly.  Energetic.  Curious.  Interrupting.  Totally, typically themselves.

We HAD to have snacks first.  Because, there were special snacks we got the day before at the store and who can wait, right?!  Simeon covered himself in fruit dip and matted some into his hair.  He shouted “MO!” (no!) when Joshua or Elianah did something he didn’t like.  He turned on the piano keyboard when we weren’t watching and banged the keys.

Elianah chatted away through the whole interview.  She explained what Simeon was saying or doing.  She asked Kim questions.  She showed off her bedroom and her doll house.  She spoke more than any of the rest of us. 🙂

Joshua alternated looking bored at the table and teasing his brother as he walked by his high chair.  He ran laps around the family room.  When he got super bored he laid down on the floor and sighed deeply. He was really hoping that Kim would offer to play Wii with him…

All in all, she got a pretty accurate read on what life is like around here.  This new baby will not get peace and quiet.  He or she will not get all the attention or brand new clothes.  But, we cam guarantee lots of love, energy, fun and belonging.  We seem to do that well.

And, no she didn’t check the tubs.  Or, the closets.  Or the cabinets.  Or, the kitchen floor.  Oh well, at least spring cleaning is done!