Just a quick little post to share how I finally was able to stop drinking coffee and not turn back.  Is two months a long enough test run to prove this method?  Well, I hope so, because it seemed to work really well for me.

The other times that I stopped drinking coffee in the past two years I quit cold turkey.  Unfortunately, I would get a week or two in and then cave.  It always came back to being so irritable and grouchy.  I couldn’t stand myself because I was so obnoxious.  So, I would go back to the liquid gold.

Finally, finally, I admitted I was addicted.  And, because I was actually addicted my brain chemistry had become dependent on caffeine.  In order to quit, I was going to have to pamper myself and take some time with the process.  Or, relapse would be inevitable…

When I started this attempt I was drinking one cup first thing in the morning and one around 11 am.  For one week I drank 75% caf, 25% decaf for the 11 am cup o’ joe.  The next week, I brewed 50% caf, 50% decaf.  The following week 75% decaf, 25% caf.  Once I was drinking fully decaffeinated coffee I dropped the cup altogether.  Then I began addressing my first cup of coffee of the day in the same fashion.  So, all said and done I think it took me about seven weeks to stop drinking coffee entirely.  Not a quick fix!

But, you know what?  Making the change that slowly meant that I felt NO negative shifts in my mood.  Steady Eddy was my name.  🙂  It has been really great.  The only thing I wish I could change would be finding a way to not feel tired on a day after I haven’t slept enough the night before.  Now THAT would be a magic fix!

PS – I hope you know me well enough by now to know I would never be finding my caffeine through Diet Pepsi (horrors!), ice tea or any other beverage of the like, so I am truly coffee and CAFFEINE free.


(photos: urbanperform.org, addiction.lovetoknow.com,  fromseedtostomach.com)