Things have been quieter the last few months here at The Crunchy Pickle.  And, the real reason is that I have been wrestling through some of my thoughts on health and food.  After writing for almost two years on the subject, I have realized that true lifestyle changes must include reformed thinking.  If we want a change to last, our thinking has to line up with it, right?

So, I am hoping to dive into that subject more with you all this summer.  Recently I listened to an interview at Underground Wellness given by Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn called The End of Self-Sabotage.  Five minutes into the interview and I realized that these ladies had some great information to share.  I highly recommend that you check out the interview and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.  (In fact, my last post on public accountability included a couple of their basic ideas with my own twist…)

If you feel that your quest for health, wellness, energy, weight-loss etc. has begun to take you around in circles, I hope that some of the ideas that I discuss this summer will give you food for thought (or, new thoughts on food – no pun intended!)  Because, I don’t know about you, but I am hoping to find ways to live that are freer, simpler and more joy-filled.

Thanks for reading!  Crunchy