Well, here we are…  Ready to start the adoption process.  Do we feel up to the challenge?  To be honest, NO.  But, you can find out why we decided to go for it here (be forewarned, it is a pretty miraculous story!)

We will be adopting a newborn baby domestically (within our state), most likely by the end of 2012.  Adoption is expensive!  There are many steps along the way and they all seem to include writing checks.  🙂

Our agency doesn’t allow us to choose gender, so we have no way of knowing whether we will get a boy or girl.  We are, however, open to any race.  Would you pray for our financial needs and for the right baby for our family to love?  We believe He is hand-picking one for us.

Here are our thoughts on adoption –

Patrick:  I didn’t want to go through life without experiencing the heart of God through adoption.  He has adopted all of us into His family, right?

Nicole:  God gave me a testimony that He will be there for me (see story here).  Time to take the leap of faith!

Joshua:  Babies our sweet.  Can we please have another?

Elianah:  It better be a girl baby!  We need to have even numbers around here!!

Simeon:  Whatever you guys decide to do doesn’t really matter to me.  Don’t worry about me being lost in the shuffle.  I am too much of the life of the party for that!

Grandparents and all:  I guess we are signed up to help by default.  🙂  Time to love another little one!


6 thoughts on “Adoption!”

  1. Meg Flanagan said:

    How wonderful for you all and your new little one. Can’t wait to meet him/her? Keep us posted!

  2. Awww! Congratulations. My husband and I so want to adopt one day. We met as missionaries in India and hope to adopt a little girl from there. Blessings!

  3. Jill Selvey said:

    We adopted our daughter almost 11 years ago. We just got her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease. I am researching this info and the connection of gluten free diets. This is all new to me! We will do everything we can to get her back on the path to full health. (Even if that means trying a gluten free diet. I don’t think this will make her happy. She is already “bummed out” at the Hashimoto’s diagnosis.)

    “Keep the faith” was our motto during the adoption process and “writing all those checks.” We even gave our daughter the middle name of Faith to honor that process.

    Keep the Faith.

    • Crunchy Pickle said:

      Thanks for sharing! Yes, it is already taking longer and being more “arduous” than I expected. I am growing in my trust and patience.

      Please keep me posted on your daughter. It is scary whenever health stuff happens to our kids, isn’t it? I hope that being GF really helps her! And, anything else that you try. 🙂

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